Who we are

The overall objective of the LGK Foundation is to catalogue, promote and protect African creativity and, in so doing, to develop and elevate the notion of master craftsmanship in Africa. It will do this through the promotion of documentation and research in, as well as awareness-raising on, the different sectors of Africa’s rich creative industries, and the provision of support for training and the building of capacities in these areas.

The Foundation also will work to create forums, networks and platforms that elevate the Continent’s craftspeople and that link them not only to each other so they can work together, but also to designers that can use their skills to enhance their own work. The LGK Foundation believes it is time to reorient the strategies and perceptions linked to Africa’s creative industries, and to provide a new dynamic to the ecosystem by bringing different sectors together so that, together, they can widen their efficiency and impact.

By federating, structuring and organizing the bridges between the different sectors, we hope to guarantee for African creators, as well as for other actors linked to the sector, the best visibility, the optimization of the profitability potential, and a positive impact on the human development of local communities.

The Foundation also engages in caritative activities through its LGK Foundation – Opus Caritas. Activities it supports include the provision of support to schools and other organisms for children with special needs. The support of the Foundation is not only financial, but also to create opportunities for those of these children who show an aptitude for it, to exercise their creativity and make a living from it.