Auditing and Cataloguing

Working with expert partners, the LGK Foundation undertakes audits (or assessments) of the current situation of different sectors of the cultural and creative industries so as to establish where a sector is at a given moment. Even if challenges exist, what structures and institutions are already in place that could form the basis on which the roadmaps drawn up through the sector analyses can build? These assessments allow the Foundation’s sector analysis work to be carefully keyed-in to the reality on the ground, and are a key part to ensuring that the roadmap laid out in the White Paper produced at the end of the analysis is a robust document that fully takes into account the environment it is designed to address.

The assessments also serve as a useful tool to understand and catalogue the history, technical intricacies of, and skills required for what exists. These are the building blocks for establishing the criteria for master craftsmanship and are fundamental to establishing the unique nature and heritage value of different techniques and workmanship.

Ongoing projects:

Nigerian Textile and Fabric Sector Assessment