What we do

Education, Training and Capacity Building

  • Research and education
  • Capacity building
  • Incubation and hub creation


Sector Analysis and Heritage Protection


Promotion of Inter-Sectoral Collaboration

  • Events that provide forums for network and bridge-building between craftspeople, designers and other creators
  • Event to showcase the 10 best craftspeople, as well as 10 best collaborations between designers and craftspeople, in Africa



  • Podcasts, videos, documentaries etc showcasing African creators and craftsmen, and documenting traditional techniques
  • Exhibitions to showcase African craftsmanship both on the continent and beyond
  • Establishment of a dedicated magazine for crafts people


LGK Foundation
Opus Caritas

  • Covid-19 Responses
  • Support to a school for children with special needs, and to an orphanage
  • Create opportunities for capacity-building of children with special needs and orphans to obtain training in one of the creative sectors in which they demonstrate a particular aptitude
  • Provide opportunities for integration of children with special needs and orphans into the creative workforce